According to Wix 25% of marketing agencies struggle to adapt to new technologies, whereas 17% encounter difficulties when it comes to hiring and retaining the right people required to stay ahead of competition.

We’ll help you with

Website and app development

A common visual language strengthens brand alignment and creates a consistent user experience across all of digital products and channels. We help you design and execute intuitive, accessible websites and apps with the goal of providing an impeccable, profitable, goal-oriented customer experience.

Many agencies provide website and app creation as a core service to their customers. Ensuring that apps are seen by the target users requires a focus on optimisation to ensure that the targeted users are aware of it. Furthermore, any app or website is expected to be intuitive and continuously improved and updated.

Artificial intelligence

Predictive analytics for digital marketing agencies includes a variety of data mining, machine learning, predictive modelling and forecasting to analyse advertising and marketing data to monitor and make predictions about future performance.

While the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and marketing is still in its infancy, a clear demand for AI is starting to emerge. Use cases include deeper understanding of customer segments, optimisation of budgets and campaigns, as well as automated manual data aggregation and analysis.

Virtual and augmented reality

Even though the current focus of web design is on mobile, desktop and tablets, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rising in importance on clients agendas.

Augmented Reality (AR) applications have been on the rise with virtual “try-before-you-buy” experiences ranging from previewing furniture and products in your home with everyday brands like IKEA and Home Depot, to virtually trying on luxury fashion such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Agencies may be asked to create experiences ranging from augmented reality store windows to a new type of user experience with a smart refrigerator.

Human-machine interaction

Technologies such as Chatbots and voice activated system are interfaces that will replace certain aspect of a website and become an important extension of customer communication. Chat and text-based interactions can offer authentic conversational experiences with use cases such as a companion for dementia patients, making medical diagnoses faster, raising brand awareness, generating and assigning supplier orders and many more.

What is now the tex-to-text chatbot interaction, voice activated interfaces will be put at the forefront of business-to-user communication to increase brand awareness and recognition.