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Quality control application

Went liveOctober 2019
StageIn production
ServicesApplication developmentHardware integration

Improving quality control


Quality control application for automotive manufacturing lines in factories. Tracking products on the line(s) and their status/quality during manufacture process in real time.

Reducing risk caused by tedious work on manufacturing lines

Within the production process the need for checking quality for specific pump parts showed up. Client wanted to have stored all specific details about each part in the manufactured pump. General idea was to install a camera on the manufacturing line and by taking specific action take product part details including fresh picture and store it in DB. Afterwards, it was possible to provide search and sort per different criteria.

Ewasoft succeded to develop a custom application which was gathering all requested information about each product part and store it. User has the option to search per specific parts, per manufacturing number, etc. and see the picture in order to check quality of work which is done in the specific case.



Grundfos is a pump manufacturer, based in Denmark, with more than 19 000 employees globally. The annual production amounts to more than 16 million pump units, circulator pumps, submersible pumps, and centrifugal pumps.

The company also produces electric motors for the pumps as well as electric motors for separate merchandising. Grundfos develops and sells electronics for checks in terms of pumps and other system operations.

We delivered a solution for tracking all details for manufactured pumps in real time.

Their experience working on world-class projects is clearly reflected in their work ethics & quality. They use best engineering standards in planning & execution and this results in an outstanding product quality.

Predrag Kovačić,

Manufacturing Engineering Manager