Engineering Team

We’ll integrate a dedicated team of ewasoft software experts, making your software vision a reality. Whether for short-term unexpected workload needs or for a remote and dedicated team.

How Does It Work

We put together a team for you in our engineering center in Novi Sad or Belgrade, according to the skill requirements of your development needs.

This teams is tailored to your situation with the individual team members that work under your oversight with the right level of expertise. We take over the infrastructure and administration, which reduces your invested time and labor costs.

Choose the right cooperation model


ewateam is a service designed to address your temporary engineering workload needs, project work, unexpected peaks in work, or need for specific expertise, that do not require you to hire permanent team members.

Our responsibility

Enabling the right team to be available for your needs that can dive into the work immediately.

Your responsibility

Providing the requirements and introduce the developers to your project.


ewapartner is designed for long-term product development requirements where you will get your own core engineering team, a branded office space in our incubator, and a committed project manager.

Our responsibility

Providing you a team that goes on a journey with you and that is able to make your vision a reality.

Your responsibility

Workload allocation, integration with your in-house processes way of working.

Key benefits of ewateam

Get quick access to highly skilled experts in a specific field or technology area
Handle unexpected and immediate workload peaks
Stay flexible and reduce the strain on your core team members
Reduce the hassle of finding and managing freelancers

Key benefits of ewapartner

Access a comunity of high performing engineering talent
Bypass legal admin and HR expenses and reduce your time to market
Test new markets and follow opportunities with our full support and advice
Our office is your office. Show your dedicated team and space to your clients and business partners

Our Approach

A structured and controlled process is an important criteria for a goal-oriented result. Clear process flows and the experience of our team of experts lead to a successful and high performing application.

A structured process - from preparation to development.

Requirement Definition


The first step is to thoroughly understand your business, business goals, customers and their expectations and behaviour. We can offer you cross-functional teams or a team specialised on a specific area, dependent on your needs.

Assembling your team


Once your requirements are understood, we can put together the right candidates from our engineers to allow you to make a choice by speaking to the team members and interviewing them.

Project Kick-Off


We will set up all communication channels, with a dedicated project manager and technical lead to ensure constant and clear alignment with your team.

Transparent Working


Our teams follow our agile and proven delivery framework: Consistency, Plannability and Transparency. This combines our expertise of more than 400 successful delivered projects and more than 10 years on the market, giving you full visibility at all times.


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