Application Re-engineering

We help you to innovate your core legacy systems, improving performance, agility, scalability and UX.

Our Promise

Bringing your application back to life

Whether you are already using an application that you would like to modernise or whether you started to develop an application and where not able to finish it, our team of experts will work together with you to make your application running - in a modern and slick garment.

Become scalable and flexible

With our cloud migration services you can improve the scalability, security and flexibility of your current software solutions, so you can adapt to the ever-changing modern business environment..

Pre-empt performance issues

We’ll help you solve performance issues and take strategic steps to prevent them from ever recurring, with re-engineering services that update your existing architecture and/or technology stack.

Our Approach

A structured and controlled process is an important criteria for a goal-oriented result. Clear process flows and the experience of our team of experts lead to a successful and high performing application.

A structured process - from preparation to development.

Application audit


For legacy projects, we start by evaluating the application and identify what parts can be reused and where the weak spots are. This allows to save time and resources, whilst ensuring that the latest technology is used to ensure a future-proof application. In parallel, we audit the backend, frontend and database schema to get a full picture.

Establish the enviroment


At the beginning, we setup the infrastructure and migrate the server if required. This is essential so that our developers can fully understand your application and see the process flows whilst utilising the tool.

Project planning


In this step, we align the business model with the project management documentation. Depending on the business model, we will define templates in the project management documentation. Furthermore, we will also set up the project management and communication tools for the project.



Once we are aligned, we will start to re-build your application. We use the latest frameworks to make this happen. This allows us to produce fast, reliable and well-optimised applications.

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