Date: 14. Dec 2022.


We participated in the FONBOARDING event hosted by the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Students used the opportunity to hear and meet ewasoft as a business leader in the software development industry and FON's strategic partner.

Taking into account the importance of collaboration between academia and practice, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences provided its students with the opportunity starting from connecting with future employers, experimenting with new approaches to overcoming workplace challenges, and applying the acquired knowledge. As a result, faculty students were able to blend theory with practice in the most effective way, integrating mastered knowledge, and ensuring a greater degree of competitiveness in the job market.

Students were greeted and encouraged throughout the whole event to ask questions and get to know ewasoft by Marina Jeftić, our Human resource manager, who provided insights into our work culture and team spirit.

We had the opportunity to showcase Ewasoft by:

  • presenting what we do and what values we cherish
  • sharing the positions we have in our company and the technologies we use
  • showing what the internship and selection process looks like
  • giving advice on how to successfully find internships and business opportunities
  • sharing the success stories of our employees

We also had the opportunity to meet other FON partner company representatives, through networking and exchange of experiences, where we built potential cooperation and new business opportunities.

Our colleague Vukašin Daskalović, spoke about his career and learning path, from his early days as an engineer to his time as a Project manager, and subsequently to his current role as Head of Delivery.

“I had a complex and challenging career path. Ewasoft supported me all the way by giving me tools and resources to learn and develop my skills. As I shifted positions and angles, it built me into the confident and experienced individual I am now. That is why it is important to work in an environment that will support your growth and celebrate your successes.”, Vukašin said.

He had a shift of perspective from only code oriented to client-oriented, as well. All that with managing the team at the same time. This changed his way of thinking, perceiving work tasks and managing time and resources. He introduced himself in an innovative way by sharing his personal experience on the assigned topics through this panel discussion.

We are pleased to see that the project managed to attract over 500 students and 36 companies from the economy field. As a result of our successful and long-term cooperation with FON, we are extremely pleased to be able to participate in this event. We are looking forward to attending future events.